Businessnews&articles: simon lichtenberg: the founder and ceo of trayton group based in china by s. lichtenberg

Image BusinessNews&Articles: Simon Lichtenberg: the Founder and CEO of Trayton Group based in China   by S. Lichtenberg

No ambition is beyond reach. All that is required is a strong will and dedication. All things are possible. simon lichtenberg ( simply went ahead and chased his dream to initiate his own company in China. Director of Shanghai Minhang Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment was a title bestowed upon Simon Lichtenberg. He additionally became a member of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, and was given the Magnolia Silver Award.

Simon Lichtenberg's Educational Background

Simon Lichtenberg went to Danish Tvind academic institutions prior to relocating to Africa in his teenage years. In the year 2006, at CEIBS, the Harvard Business school and Tsinghua, Simon Lichtenberg finished his EMBA - or Executive MBA (the Senior Executive Program for China). A strong educational background: this is a common attribute of the most prosperous business people who have reached their aims. Learning is the basis for achieving great things; it results in you becoming tougher and far more efficient at dealing with any problems that arise.

Simon Lichtenberg and the Trayton Group

Simon Lichtenberg's business is situated in Shanghai; it also has other factories positioned in Zhejiang Jishan. With a workforce of 2,000 professionals, his organisation foresees a revenue of 150m dollars per annum. Setting up the Trayton Foundation (which helped in lighting the streets of Shanghai, not to mention the fitting of rooftop solar power panels in the year 2012) are just some of the things that Trayton Group (initiated and run by Simon Lichtenberg) has done.

Making a move into the furniture market naturally followed on from Simon Lichtenberg's time spent in the timber industry. Simon continues to be determined despite his mistakes; he has survived and overcome obstacles to become, without a doubt, one of the most capable businessmen today. Profiting by up to $2.5m each year, thanks to the acquisition of direct clients (such as IKEA) from around the world, Simon Lichtenberg’s business became international. All over the world more and more businesspeople are becoming known.

Simon Lichtenberg - His Amazing Qualities

The Magnolia Silver Award is on the list of great honours Simon Lichtenberg has attained during his life; this was in recognition of his important input with regards to bettering living standards in Shanghai. A total of eight separate countries of residence have blessed Simon Lichtenberg with their unique cultures and have played a part in him studying seven diverse languages. An entrepreneur with the expertise to speak multiple languages has the upper hand over his competition.

Difficulties Faced by Simon Lichtenberg

Although Simon Lichtenberg is now rather successful, his journey has not been without its bumps. He would not have ended up where he is today without embracing the maxim: “Never give up.” If you're desiring to improve yourself, effectively navigating obstacles can provide a useful lesson. After a legal battle concerning payment following the Zhenjing Leather Factory selling him inoperative products, he was granted yet another chance to overcome adversity. All the difficulties faced by Simon Lichtenberg have made his character and have led to his success.